perceptions of natural phenomena

Klea McKenna, based in San Francisco, is a photographer who creates really interesting & innovative works, through an engagement with the materiality of analogue photography. She "explores human perceptions and representations of nature, and photography's unique ability to either conform or disarm those perceptions." I really love the experimentation with film photography's unpredictable qualities, resulting in works that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, art and photography.

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magic science

Katie Scott's artwork & inspirations.

“The foundation for this project came from a recent interest in early science and particularly antiquity’s habit of entirely fabricating the inner workings of the world around them. I like the idea that in an age of such scientific uncertainty, anybody with enough conviction in their theory (and a well drawn diagram) could claim science for themselves, resulting in incredibly strange and peculiar scientific thought. So with this in mind, my aim was to make a book of fantasy science, with a focus on the hybridisation between different categories of nature.” via It's Nice That

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see you on a dark night

Grimes by Tara Darby for Twin zine VI
Love this girrrrrrrrrrrrl!


June 2nd celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne, today being her Diamond Jubilee. Norman Hartnell designed the gown she wore on her coronation in 1953, as seen here as she leaves the Coronation Coach at Westminster Abbey, and waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Going back to London tonight & will hopefully get a glimpse of the flotilla tomorrow afternoon on the Thames. Get ya pimms on & have a fabulously british weekend!

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