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Stumbled upon this blog; hg, a couple of months ago & I absolutely love the focus upon sculpture, art, materials, textiles and fabrics where each post is a new designer, photographer or artist, or quite simply an object or image that the curator of the blog finds inspiring. The result of the blog is minimal in design but wholly fascinating. It is a collection of curiosities & an assemblage of the odd and unusual.
I want this blog to be an accumulation of the simple, fleeting, peculiar things I find pleasing whether aesthetically, compositionally or whatever;  photographing the way the light falls into a room, a fragment of a conversation overhead, a found object or the discovery of a new artist / designer / band / author / writer / photographer e t c.
her lifestyle blog is equally as inspiring :::
Finding blogs like huntergathererer has reinvigorated my love for handmade, handcrafted things; from jewellery to pottery & I hope to document some of my ideas, projects & pieces that I make here.

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