pretty & awkward, it's not always an either / or.

Pretty & awkward, it’s not always an either/or. true - my favourite type of person / object / art / music / thing...

Mikael Jansson for Interview

This is so so good ~ the photography, styling - layering, tones (i see deep crimsons and purples being a fundamental colour for my autumnal dressing), textures and a mash up of prints (i'm all over those print trousers / suits.) & the shoes! ~ clunky, chunky, bold, platform - YES.
At once awkward, eccentric, elegant, clumsy, avant garde... love.


Ya-Wen Chou

"The project started as an exploration of traditional patterns from native culture in my home country, Taiwan. In the past, natives believed that spirits inhabit everything, thus adopted the philosophy of a harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, hoping that in the afterlife they can become one of the sacred existences watching over their offspring, that’s their paradise.

Today, where we live in an increasingly materialistic world, we take things for granted and traditions are dying. We are now forced to rediscover the beauty and restore belief from a processed, synthetic reality. The goal is to recreate a paradise where one may commune with nature and pass down the story to future generations as family heirlooms."

I love the forms and textures of these pieces through the integration of textiles and material; latex, perspex, plywood, resin, glass, ceramic, bamboo, coconut, copper, metal clay, bone and leather, to create unique, mixed media objects.

only so many tomorrows

Lena Kholkina | Cake zine
~ whatever you want to do, do it. there’s only so many tomorrows ~



Images from Super/Collider, a "not for profit collective which promotes science through the creative industries. Working with illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, artists, designers and other creative folk we explore the myriad worlds of science - from geology and chemistry to astronomy and physics."

Love the collaboration between science & art!

The excitement of Curiosity landing on Mars on the 6th brought out the inner astronomer in me, even to the extent that I bought a proper space dedicated zine that day (yes I was that kid who at 13 asked a rather perplexed physics teacher whether the universe was infinite) Amazing moment in the development of our understanding of our solar system & what with the discovery of the Higgs earlier this year too, the universe. Pretty cool.

Sunrise on Mars + the first full resolution image from the Curiosity rover. The rim of Gale Crater (96 miles in diameter) can be seen in the distance beyond the pebbly ground. INCREDIBLE IMAGES non?

Here are some amazing facts from my zine because I know deep down everyone loves a crazy fact or two about the universe ~

o It would take 85 years to drive to Mars (at 65 mph), to Pluto, 6,200 years and, get this, 278 billion years to the centre of the Milky Way.
o The nearest galaxy to the Milky Way is the Large Magellanic Cloud (160,000 light years), but the nearest spiral galaxy, and most similar, is Andromeda, at a distance of 2.5 million light years from Earth.
o The Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way are moving towards each other at 62 miles per second and they are on a course to merge together in 4 billion years time.
o The observable universe is 13.75 billion light years away
o Mars has the largest crater ('Hellas Planitia'), mountain / volcano ('Olympus Mons') & canyons in the solar system. Olympus Mons is a whopping 14 miles in height (22,500 metres) which is roughly three times Mount Everest. Mars is a cool planet.

Okay I'll stop now.



sundaiz r dull | finding Gavriel Maynard's photos have brightened my mood loads though.

trawling through thecobrasnake (for whom Maynard occasionally shoots for) is giving me real nostalgia right now, back to the days when i was sixteen, when cory kennedy was at the helm of hipster life (remember her?!) and religiously sought style inspiration from + wanted to be the gurls n boyz who partied hard and looked rad in whatever the hell they chucked on. it's giving me the urge (again) to customize everything i own, chuck it all on, dye my hair + go dance. so here are some photos of hipsters rrly kl kids doing their thang and looking rlly cool doing it ~

renwick alley

Renwick Alley by Cara Stricker for Helmet zine, S/S 2012
Lindsey Byard, Rachel Rutt, Sharon Kavjian, Hannah Kern
+ styled by Molly Kennedy
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