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Got back into the knitting vibe by the pink light of a lamp in bed with these guyz on ~~~

no need for matching socks

Spring / Summer '12
Fall / Winter '12 ~ 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Currently obsessed with knitwear designer, Lindsay Degen

“DEGEN represents a knitted anatomy lesson, a performance, a collaboration, the degeneration of the ignorant fashion bubble, a hatred for the overly serious condition, a love of the handmade, an iteration of the DIY movement, general silliness, a product of obsession, and an exploration of ideas through the knitted stitch.”

"Which artists do you most look up to?

I, of course, love Patti Smith but also Liz Collins, knitwear extraordinaire,Louise Gray, and Cooperative Designs from London. As for artists: Richard Tuttle, Nick Cave, and Jim Drain."

Who is your dream collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with Louise Gray or Thomas Tait from London, also a dance troupe maybe, or a owner of an incredible space, or David Byrne." Interview ~ Bullett

She is also rumoured to be collaborating with Patti Smith in some form or other!

Lusting after the mix match socks & cut-out crop tops, and the colours are brilliant. So rad!


i was shot by...

I love Billy Kidd's photographs; raw, intense, organic, fluid.

"...Billy’s not just interested in the face. He takes his time to get to know his subjects, the girls. He gives direction when he shoots, but lets them do their thing too. You should have a personality. A willingness to open up and let loose. He doesn’t just want to shoot a body, he wants to shoot a person. It’s all there in plain sight, in Billy’s stills; the soft yet hard, raw and emotional motion in still-life, a minimal and simple beauty. Arresting."

Why do you shoot?
It’s a compulsion… My girlfriend laying on my bed behind me is saying I have an obsession. Art is all I know. I’m a painter, sculptor, creator. First and foremost, I am a photographer. Creating is all I know.

What do you love shooting the most?
Women. The body is an amazing thing, incredibly intricate, it just fascinates me.

Favourite photographers?
Paolo Roversi, an old school natural and classic beauty. Nick Knight transcends normalcy. And Peter Lindbergh allows his girls to be natural and doesn’t over retouch. He lets women be women.

Interview: Think Contra || Read the rest here >>


I formulate infinity stored deep inside me

Some of my favourite Atlas sheets by Gerhard Richter

Greenland | No.351
Greenland | No.352
House Gutted by Fire | No.495
Buchenwald | No.522
Still Lives (Skull) | No.401
Flowers | No.306 
Railway Embankment | No.541
Window, Underpass | No.402


high beach

Photographs from Epping Forest, 25th July 2012.
Billowy and bulbous trees with wood all layered, gnarled and peeling. Beautifully textural and organic.

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane by David Mandelberg

Everything about this new MANIAMANIA campaign is perfect. I freakin' love Dree Hemingway, Maniamania's jewellery is divine, the setting, the foraged found items, the concept...

~~~ MANIAMANIA explore other dimensions from planet earth for their new collection 'The Astral Plane’. Inspiration is drawn from the warped symbols and telepathic visions experienced by dreamers and astral travellers. Homage is paid to advocates of psychic and spiritual development such as The Theosophical Society established by Helena Blavatsky in 1875 and psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung.

For ‘The Astral Plane’ fantasy moods and divine wisdom mesh with the sensual styles and nature icons of the 1960s Art Nouveau revival. In pursuit of other dimensions MANIAMANIA decorate new regions of the body with dream-like pieces in silver, brass, grey chalcedony, agate, turquiose and clear quartz.

Art Nouveau flowers, snakes and skulls adorn the pieces, with a new dreamy incarnation of the Immortals and Eternal rings, as well as many new additions. Each piece in ‘The Astral Plane’ collection are covetable out-of-body souvenirs that celebrate inter-dimensional possibilities while living in the material world.~~~

Took some screen shots from the film: "an homage to Jean Cocteau's Orpheus and is a step into an alternative universe, a meeting on the astral plane, a glitch in time..." ...

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