Ya-Wen Chou

"The project started as an exploration of traditional patterns from native culture in my home country, Taiwan. In the past, natives believed that spirits inhabit everything, thus adopted the philosophy of a harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, hoping that in the afterlife they can become one of the sacred existences watching over their offspring, that’s their paradise.

Today, where we live in an increasingly materialistic world, we take things for granted and traditions are dying. We are now forced to rediscover the beauty and restore belief from a processed, synthetic reality. The goal is to recreate a paradise where one may commune with nature and pass down the story to future generations as family heirlooms."

I love the forms and textures of these pieces through the integration of textiles and material; latex, perspex, plywood, resin, glass, ceramic, bamboo, coconut, copper, metal clay, bone and leather, to create unique, mixed media objects.

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