wild blue

Scotland dayz 1 & 2

some things:
1. mega jealous of the fact that blue hydrangeas grow naturally up here
2. man scotland is good for my soul. space, mountains, huge expanses, picnics on empty beaches in the rain, random craft shops.........
3. i love beachcombing ~ found some pretty rad things so far
5. Ongoing scotland photography inspired by the likes of Gerhard Richter,  Sarah WalkoStefan HengstWolfgang Tillmans & Bernd and Hilla Becher
4. excuse the shitty photo here and there, i broke my beautiful slr a couple years back in cornwall (it was unwittingly sacrificed for my art a level project) & so had to get a replacement but it's nothing on my old one. man i miss manual focus hah. anyway, having a medium camera kinda forces you to look to the presentation and subject of your photograph more so than the aesthetics of it; hence my experimentation in composition.

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