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SWIM DEEP  new favourite dudes

1. pretty much the Smith Westerns of Birmingham
2. i REALLY want to chop off my hair to super short and have spent the last 20 minutes on webcam deliberating this
3. Zachary of DIIV // Beach Fossils = Zachary of SD
4. my inner grunge gal wants to dress like this again
5. DIIV (originally Dive as in Nirvana) + Swim Deep... water related names are the new thang apparently
6. it's 2am and i'm ridiculously awake, psyched and in love with these guyz. maybe its' because I'm missing LDN
7. swim dope, swim deeper ~~~

1 comment:

  1. Oh my shit Becks! I love these fellas!
    Come back to cheltenham, in Gloucster Guildhall, Swim Deep are playing on the 29th of september in the Underground day/weekend festival. I can't wait to see them, I love them too much


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