the tomb, the womb, the hidden time

Needless to say, I was very excited to discover the jewellery designs of Seb Brown ; delicate and intricate yet rough, organic and very much like dug up archaeological relics, together with the stones, metals - silver and bronze - and triangular shapes. However, when I stumbled across an interview with him, I found out his background is primarily in graphic design - his website certainly displays a multitude of  creative ventures; installations, illustrations, paintings and other commissioned projects...

^ Jewellery installation at Alice Euphemia, a boutique in Melbourne.
sand, silver, stone, perspex, silk, plaster, concrete, paper

Inspired by the textures and forms of flora and geology, Seb's primary fascination centers around the exploration into how people from ancient civilizations have developed their own unique aesthetics without the presence of any outside influence. He also studies the different forms of body adornment throughout history and the notions behind the value given to precious objects.

--- never too many ringzz ---

>> title from some lecture notes I'm revising on Christian art / late antiquity. Love how poetic it sounds.

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  1. Sweet as jewellery man! The rings ezpecially are mouth watering.


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