i was shot by...

I love Billy Kidd's photographs; raw, intense, organic, fluid.

"...Billy’s not just interested in the face. He takes his time to get to know his subjects, the girls. He gives direction when he shoots, but lets them do their thing too. You should have a personality. A willingness to open up and let loose. He doesn’t just want to shoot a body, he wants to shoot a person. It’s all there in plain sight, in Billy’s stills; the soft yet hard, raw and emotional motion in still-life, a minimal and simple beauty. Arresting."

Why do you shoot?
It’s a compulsion… My girlfriend laying on my bed behind me is saying I have an obsession. Art is all I know. I’m a painter, sculptor, creator. First and foremost, I am a photographer. Creating is all I know.

What do you love shooting the most?
Women. The body is an amazing thing, incredibly intricate, it just fascinates me.

Favourite photographers?
Paolo Roversi, an old school natural and classic beauty. Nick Knight transcends normalcy. And Peter Lindbergh allows his girls to be natural and doesn’t over retouch. He lets women be women.

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