no need for matching socks

Spring / Summer '12
Fall / Winter '12 ~ 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Currently obsessed with knitwear designer, Lindsay Degen

“DEGEN represents a knitted anatomy lesson, a performance, a collaboration, the degeneration of the ignorant fashion bubble, a hatred for the overly serious condition, a love of the handmade, an iteration of the DIY movement, general silliness, a product of obsession, and an exploration of ideas through the knitted stitch.”

"Which artists do you most look up to?

I, of course, love Patti Smith but also Liz Collins, knitwear extraordinaire,Louise Gray, and Cooperative Designs from London. As for artists: Richard Tuttle, Nick Cave, and Jim Drain."

Who is your dream collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with Louise Gray or Thomas Tait from London, also a dance troupe maybe, or a owner of an incredible space, or David Byrne." Interview ~ Bullett

She is also rumoured to be collaborating with Patti Smith in some form or other!

Lusting after the mix match socks & cut-out crop tops, and the colours are brilliant. So rad!

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