the beauty of science

"I realized that I had the microscopic equivalent of a cubist painting, art and science never seemed closer."
These are scans from a book I picked up at the car boot entitled SUPER VISION: A NEW VIEW OF NATURE by Ivan Amato. I spied its neon cover poking out of a box, quickly flicked through and figured it would make amazing collage material. Reading it later on however, I discovered it's the epitome of my current love of the fusion of both art and science. The imagery in the book ranges from the subatomic scans of crystals (#1), metals, minerals and materials, the visualization of molecular reactions, microscopic images of plants and cells to close up views of adhesive tape (#4) and bamboo (#3); beautifully psychedelic, otherworldly and kaleidoscopic.

"When the image is so abstract that it refers to no particular scale of size, it enters the domain of modern science almost directly, for science itself images abstractions as forms of analysis. Thus many pictures of some scientific value resemble the work of abstract artists during many epochs of art." 

Nature's glorious penchant for order: "everyday ornament, say a fine pot or fabric, may be repeated in multiple, male a style of a single impetus. Science too deals in multiples: Stars and blossoms, the unending system of integers, the barrage of particle and photon, the sound trains of air vibration."

I never thought that the words DIGITAL, PRINT, and SCIENCE would ever be in my vocabulary collectively (I'm a vinyl > downloads, monochrome > colour, art > science classes gal) Couple these words with ART however and I get extremely excited. Just IMAGINE any of these as prints on material / fabric / dresses / jumpers ~ INSANE.

"Nature exhibits both symmetry and chaos, and from time to time either or both of these characteristics can lead to images on every dimensional scale whose value transcends the scientific interpretation of physical phenomena and extends into the realms of art and aesthetics." YES

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