luke brooks

Knitwear designer, Luke Brooks
A/W 2012 // Central St. Martins

"I did research in the conventional way but didn't know how to convert these into design. In frustration I shredded and boiled my material (drawings, photographs, notes, knit samples) down in a big cooker of water until it became a concentrated dark liquid. It felt like a magic potion."
Dazed + Confused, The Art Issue

"I feel like fashion, art and craft are the most relevant to my work. I have philosophical debates about my work internally, but am not yet sure how much of that I'd like to involve in the presentation of my work. Performance is something I think about and part of me wants to be a showman. I found that folks being around when we were making the pieces at college and discussing them added extra energy to the proceedings and this trickled down into the garments. I would like to propagate these kind of interactions around my work or the work of a group. I've thought about how exciting it could be to make a collection in strange surroundings, like a model Celtic village or something." Interview HERE 

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  1. I know, such a shame you couldn't come along. But Camden... Lush! Have a rate good time


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